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“Green” Bud Kelly for guv’nah

Maine’s gubernatorial race, a rather sleepy affair so far, just got a whole lot livelier with the recent announcement of a new write-in candidate: “Green” Bud Kelly. Kelly is a contractor on a midcoast island whose services include house painting, dry walling, landscaping, carpentry and masonry. He has not, to my knowledge, run for political […]

The real gangs of Portland, Maine

Contrary to some wildly erroneous and irresponsible reports in the press recently, Portland has a serious and growing gang problem. The Crips and Bloods are harmless compared with the menacing groups roaming the streets of Maine’s largest metropolis, perpetrating crimes in broad daylight with no respect for the law or common decency. Here’s a rundown of […]

Why one Portland city councilor is not a piece of toast

Politically speaking, Portland City Councilor Ed Suslovic, who’s seeking another three-year term this fall, should be toast. I’m specifically picturing a thin slice of bland white bread, lightly browned and unbuttered, served next to a steaming pile of scrambled eggs liberally laden with American cheese. Suslovic is one of the councilors who allowed Congress Square […]

Susan Collins masquerades as moderate

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, masquerading as a “moderate,” is behaving like a reckless Republican ideologue. Her political charade during the government shutdown and debt crisis helped push the world’s economy to the brink of catastrophe. It is imperative that we unmask her actions, but, with a couple notable exceptions this month, Maine’s media has furthered the […]